Working in Partnership with Leisure Trusts & Councils

If you operate a leisure centre or group of leisure centres as part of a local leisure authority, leisure trust or council and are interested in maximising secondary spend through retail sales then you have come to the right place.

Currently Sportmax delivers a retail supply and management service to over 50 Trusts and Councils across the UK ranging from the Scottish Highlands to the South Coast of England and across to Northern Ireland covering over 300 individual leisure centres.

As our company history is based on sports retail we come equipped with not only the markets best selling products but the best support and advice on how to retail these products that ensure maximum return on your sales. This is the reason that Sportmax partner centres are the highest earning centres in the industry.

Only Pay For What You Sell

How much of your budget is tied up in resale stock that's just sitting on your shelves waiting to be purchased? £1000? £5000? £10,000 and up?


What if we said that we would bear the capital cost of stocking your resale products and totally eliminate the capital outlay on your retail operations?


That is exactly what all of our current partners benefit from right now. We only invoice a leisure centre for goods it has actually sold. Not what has been ordered, not what has been delivered, only what they have already sold to their customers. The funds to pay for the goods that they have sold are already banked by the time that an invoice is raised. Ultra simple, ultra profitable and ultra cost effective.


And just to dispell any assumptions its worth mentioning our customers still make full retail mark up on all the products sold so there is no financial downside to this method of supply at all.


Feel free to read more about what our partnerships involve using the tabs down the left hand side of the screen and please get in touch if you would like to know more about Sportmax: Leisure Centre Retail Solutions.

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